We are a social enterprise.

Our mission is to empower women everywhere to be financially independent and secure.

The world is in constant flux and it has become more important than ever to help each other and to ensure the most vulnerable are able to weather life's storms.

Crypto Queens is an initiative - gathering together female leaders across borders to lead, guide and assist underprivileged & at-risk women across the globe.

We create programs, workshops, grants and special projects to allow women to take control of, grow & successfully manage their finances. We use our networks, expertise in technology and funds to help them reach sustainable financial goals.

We are creating the world's biggest global network of female finance leaders who are aligned with our mission. If you'd like to chat about what we are doing we'd love to hear from you.

Crypto Queens has transitioned from consulting to a social enterprise, if you are looking for consulting services please head to Findy Ventures.

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